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From Fighting Depression, Anxiety to Deadlift Queen

Meet Mae,

So many people go to the gym to lose weight not knowing there is actually more to that than just weight loss. At TFW Sacramento we not only workout, coach proper nutrition and lifestyle, we also coach you how to bring out the warrior within to overcome life's obstacles.

Here is Mae's story on how she not only lost weight but found strength to over come many obstacles and challenges of life. My hope is her story will inspire someone to change the way they feel about fitness.This is not a gym but a Dojo where you learn more about yourself. Here is Mae in her own words.

Before I joined TFW Sacramento I was struggling with a lot of anxiety and depression. I think weight gain and years of poor nutrition, diet pills, stress, and skewed ideas of health largely contributed to this. I felt like i was out of control of my body. I was scared to leave the house for fear of running into someone i knew. I stopped doing things that I love, like swimming, traveling, shopping, dressing up and going out with friends, because i hated how I looked. I would turn down invites to special occasions. I had slowly become a social recluse. Look at me now. I enjoy every moment of my life

So many people can relate to Mae. We know life can be difficult but you have to choose to fight and win. You have a partner here at TFW Sacramento. we offer personal training and small group sessions in a clean safe environment. We guarantee results. Would you like to try a free class with us? Email us at

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